Life Support

Class provides a host of services for its clients that operate in remote locations and require infrastructural capability to enhance the morale and welfare of its workforce. Our approach to life support began and evolved during our innings in Kuwait and Iraq, and matured during our stint in Oman before venturing into Afghanistan and now in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The harsh environments demanded fully operational dining facilities, reasonably outfitted recreational facilities, comfortably furnished containers, void of utility failures, access to internet services, security teams to protect workers, medical aid services, etc.

Those functions are critical to sustaining the welfare of a workforce.

We design and build life support models customized to fit our clients’ requirements.

Additionally, we offer life support teams to execute the essential services to help your company operate with some degree of comfort and happiness in remote locations.

Key Activities:
  • Base Support
  • Fleet Movement
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics Management
  • Build, Operate & Transfer
  • Procurement
  • Design, Fabrication & Installation