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Contract Management

At the heart of it, we are Contract Managers. We put together the resources that are required to ensure proper facilitation of some of the key services around Base Support, Fleet Movement, Construction and Infrastructure for our clients.

The needs are diverse and continually evolving and hence our expertise ensures that we can build, operate and transfer (when needed) a service or a project on for our clients.

Our expertise has had us manage many turnkey projects through our teams of engineers, fleet movement managers and infrastructure planners.

Key activites:
  • Base Support
  • Fleet Movement
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics Management
  • Build, Operate & Transfer
  • Procurement
  • Design, Fabrication & Installation


There are times when entities arrive in specific countries with a need to get ‘boots on the ground’ in the shortest available time and these missions run for over a year or sometimes beyond. Class plays a role of the ‘sponsor’ which is a commonly used term in the Middle East by taking care of the needs of the client in the region to company setup, visa requirements, administrative requirements such as banking support, HR requirements such as payroll processing, manpower contract management and most importantly gaining access to the bases within the country.

This helps companies allocate their resources towards their area of specialization while Class takes care of all the administrative challenges that come with a new operation in a new country.


Our team of experts in the fields of infrastructure, engineering and key project management often leads projects with the support of sub-contractors who have the resources to initiate and complete projects as may be required. Class plays the role of a consultant in planning, strategy and ensuring that timelines and budgetary considerations are met.

Class has managed multiple contracts in areas such as:
  • Infrastructure & Construction
  • Asset and vehicle deployments
  • Base operating services
  • Fabrication of bespoke requirements


In the defense industry, movement and storage are absolute key to the survival of troops and military operations in remote locations.

Class Worldwide apart from having a fleet of trucks and buses that it regularly deploys on missions with the region also has 2 large size storage facilities within the UAE and Kuwait. Both these storage facilities are zone-based temperature controlled and are where the company stocks materials and equipment for future projects.

Our expertise has had us manage many turnkey projects through our teams of engineers, fleet movement managers and infrastructure planners.

Class also works with key partners to provide with logistics support that comprises of:
  • Movement of troops
  • Movement of goods
  • Long haul transportation by road, sea, air
  • Warehousing, storage and refrigeration
  • Manpower supply
  • Fuel support
  • Medical support

Life Support

Class provides a host of services for its clients that operate in remote locations and require infrastructural capability to enhance the morale and welfare of its workforce. Our approach to life support began and evolved during our innings in Kuwait and Iraq, and matured during our stint in Oman before venturing into Afghanistan and now in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The harsh environments demanded fully operational dining facilities, reasonably outfitted recreational facilities, comfortably furnished containers, void of utility failures, access to internet services, security teams to protect workers, medical aid services, etc.

Those functions are critical to sustaining the welfare of a workforce.

We design and build life support models customized to fit our clients’ requirements.

Additionally, we offer life support teams to execute the essential services to help your company operate with some degree of comfort and happiness in remote locations.

Key activites:
  • Base Support
  • Fleet Movement
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics Management
  • Build, Operate & Transfer
  • Procurement
  • Design, Fabrication & Installation

Design & Build

Class plays the role of a design consultant on many projects. Design and Build has been one of the pillars that the company has built a strong reputation on over the past decade or so. Not only have we come up with design solutions that are practical and economical but we have been able to deploy them in rapid time on many occasions. Our full-fledged joinery in Kuwait allows us to test and implement innovative ideas that are designed by our team of engineers and these have often found their way to mass production for a specific requirement.

Our design build covers several areas such as:
  • Modular / Portable Buildings
  • Modular Warehousing
  • Containerized Housing / Office Units
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Interiors
  • Furniture

Asset Rental

Over the years, Class has built a repository of assets that are deployed on various missions in the region. These include the following:
  • Vehicles (SUVs, sedans, vans, hatchbacks)
  • Trucks & Buses (low-beds, flat-beds, garbage dumpers, black water removal dumpers)
  • Heavy engineering machinery (cranes, forklifts, dumpsters, front-loaders, backhoes, graders, dozers, cement mixers, boom lifts etc)
  • Generators
  • Tower Lights
  • Portable Air-conditioning

Asset Maintenance

Class has a dedicated, trained, certified and experienced team that manages all maintenance related tasks on projects and assets deployed by the company on various missions. Our capability also extends to providing maintenance on govt. owned assets in the region. Our methodology to asset maintenance stems from ensuring effective and timely process driven solutions that ensure quick turnaround and minimal downtime through utilization of only genuine spares and manufacturer recommended processes to meet contractual obligations.

Inculcated into our maintenance programs are certification and maintenance logs, required checks and balances to ensure assets are fully operational and safe to operate.

Facilities Upgrades

Military establishments much like others require upgrades from time to time. Camps that have been in place for several years are used by many different people and the wear of time is often a lot more brutal on the facilities. While maintenance is another area, upgrades are often needed to cater to changing requirements, larger manpower mobilizations and even minor to major reallocation of resources.

Class has developed an expertise in implementing facilities upgrades. From relocation of camps, building upgrades, furniture add-ons, building of storage areas, reassigning new facilities, Class has the team that has done the job and done it well.

Facilities Maintenance

Every military installation requires routine maintenance services that cover minor repair works that come up from time to time such as repairs of door handles, minor paint works, simple cable extensions, plumbing repairs, electrical replacements and repairs and so on. Our team of experienced technicians and facility managers are deployed at various military installations thereby ensuring timely and effective services as and when required and ensuring that facilities are fully functional and operational at all times.

Office Location

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